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How will you use your time, talents and treasures to reach the lost and grow the Church in Iran?


We are reliant on the power of God to guide, anoint, protect and multiply our service to Him. We know we are ineffective without it. Your prayers are powerful (James 5:16) and gratefully received. 


We are reliant on financial resources to help us achieve our mission. Are you part of a network, business, organization or community that could help? We can provide you with resources and even speakers to help share the need with others. 


Our mission relies on partnership and partnership comes in many forms. Perhaps there are practical ways in which you can help? It is not always necessary to speak Farsi. 

Lahjoita tänään

Varat menevät suoraan sen varmistamiseen, että evankeliumia saarnataan, käännynnäiset juurtuvat Sanaan ja kasvatetaan johtajia, jotka tuovat Kristuksen muuttavan rakkauden Iraniin – ja sen ulkopuolelle.