Iranian Christian Leader’s ‘Absolute Armageddon’ Question: ‘What Happens if Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS Join Forces?’: Faithwire & CBN

by Billy Hallowell

A U.K.-based Christian leader who was born and raised in Iran and who now ministers in the country is warning of what could happen if ties between terror groups like Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS strengthen.

Rev. Lazarus Yeghnazar, founder and president of Transform Iran, an organization that spreads the Gospel in Iran, told CBN Digital such collaborations are already unfolding — something he also warned about in a recent video responding to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack that killed 1,400 Israelis.

“What happens if Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS join forces? What will it force the Western countries, and the democracies, and Israel to do?” Yeghnazar asked in the clip. “A conflict, which is catastrophic, will engulf the whole region.”

He also warned the murderous chaos will eventually come for everyone, not just Israel.

“This is … a plague that is not only destined to obliterate Israel [but one] that will not stop until they subjugate all of us,” Yeghnazar said.

The faith leader also made it clear Iran is responsible for creating much of the instability we’re seeing right now in the region, explaining the deep roots of the conflict.

“Iran has, for the last 43 years, fermented bitterness,” he told CBN, “I think you’re … a hairline crack away from the whole region burning in an inferno.”

Yeghnazar recounted how his former nation was once filled with at least a semblance of possibility before descending into a chaotic, militant state brutally cracking down on its people.

“If you wanted to practice your Islam, you could go to a mosque,” he said. “If you wanted to practice your Christianity, go to a church.”

But all that changed during the Iranian Revolution in the late 1970s, when Ayatollah Khomeini came to power and brought what Yeghnazar called an “Islamic mandate” to Iran, subjugating those not in line with his ideology.

Flashforward a few decades, and Iran is at the center of dismay, with the Islamic republic funding and equipping groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, with the latter body responsible for the Oct. 7 terror attack. These groups have a mission to “obliterate Israel,” Yeghnazar explained.

With Iran at the center, the faith leader said “only God knows” where the chaos will end, citing a “deep root of bitterness” at the heart of such horrific actions. He also noted that Iranian officials harm, harass, and kill their own people.

“I think this destruction is going to carry on,” he said. “You cannot get the deep root of bitterness away. You can destroy buildings.”

And that bitterness and chaos, he said, is “deeply spiritual,” calling it a manifestation of “darkness over light.” Despite terrorists’ diabolical claims and goals, Yeghnazar said Israel won’t be wiped from the map.

“This is not a matter of obliterating Israel from planet Earth, which they cannot do,” he said. “Hitler tried to do it. He didn’t succeed. Where is Hitler? He’s gone with the history and he’s going to pay the price, staying in hell forever and ever eternally.”

Yeghnazar continued, “I think this obliterating of Israel is going exactly against the biblical mandate.”

The faith leader also stressed the importance of Westerners understanding the demonic depths of the brand of radical Islamic ideology dominating groups like Hamas — organizations who have been primed and trained by Iran.

“Either you fight to subjugate, or you kill and destroy,” Yeghnazar said, noting there is disdain for Judeo-Christian values. “In this type of Islamic theology, there is no peaceful coexistence, and I think the West has to understand it.”

And he wasn’t done there, offering a dire warning about where he believes the chaos will conclude.

“I think this will end in an absolute Armageddon’” he said. “But, believe me, my sadness is not what Satan is doing, because this is already prophesied in the scripture that this will happen. My sadness is what will happen to wake up the church — what will happen to prevent the church into forgetting its own pity … introvert attitude.”

Yeghnazar encouraged humanity to “wake up and pray together” as God performs “His own will” in the Middle East.

Originally posted on: Faithwire and CBN.

Published on
10 November 2023
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