Needs Multiply Following Flooding in Türkiye Quake Zones: Mission Network News

by Katey Hearth

Türkiye (MNN) — The hits keep coming in Türkiye. Recent flooding killed more than 16 people in two regions devastated by last month’s earthquakes.

Transform Iran’s partners and teams are safe, but “buildings are still collapsing; the tremors are ongoing,” U.S.-based CEO Lana Silk says.

“It is still dangerous to be in Turkey today.”

Last month’s earthquakes caused nearly $104 billion of damage, roughly nine percent of Türkiye’s GDP. “The devastation is far-reaching and ongoing, and we must be active Christians in that place,” Silk says.

Transform Iran helps earthquake survivors through its network of Iranian Christian refugees in Türkiye. More about that here.

“We’ve packaged up bundles for families, diapers, hygiene and health products, bottles of water, long-life fruit juice, nonperishable foods, blankets to deal with the cold,” Silk says.

Compassionate care speaks volumes. “The people receiving the aid are emotional because these are Muslim Turks, not our own church members,” Silk says.

It is our pleasure and joy to offer them the love of Jesus unconditionally and generously as well as we can.

Send help to earthquake survivors through Transform Iran.

Pray for more opportunities to show the love and hope of Christ. In one earthquake zone, “the governor’s office has been thrilled to see the magnitude of help that, together with our partners, we’ve been able to bring to this community,” Silk says.

“We had the Deputy Governor of Istanbul recently come to us and say, ‘If there’s anything that you can do, even in Istanbul, we will help you.’”

Originally posted on: Mission Network News.

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