Do you know Iranians who are hungry for the gospel? We have Farsi (and ethnic language) resources you can use to help answer their questions - the vast majority are free.

Helpful Resources for Sharing the Gospel with Iranians

Farsi Christian TV: Sama TV
Farsi Christian radio: Persian World Radio
Farsi Christian meetings (digital church): Persian Community Church (Kelisaye Jame)
Farsi Christian prayer rooms: Meeting Tent (Kheymeye Molaghat)
Farsi Christian Apologetics Center: Porpasokh
Farsi Freedom in Christ discipleship course: Azadi Dar Masih
Farsi children’s ministry: Chera-Chonke
Farsi theology courses can be taken at 222 Bible College.

A whole collection of Farsi and Iranian ethnic language resources (including digital and audio Bibles) can be found via our Cheshme mobile app or via the Cheshme site.

All these resources are completely free and offer the opportunity to connect with one of our pastors in person.

It is also possible to purchase Iranian Bibles and other Christian resources via 222 Publications.

Help us continue to create and provide these essential resources for free.

Will They Want to Know?

Iranians in Iran are not the only Iranians open to the gospel.

We hear testimonies from all over the world where Christians had the joy of ministering to Iranians right in their own communities because of their openness to the message of Jesus.

Don’t let the language barrier dissuade you.

May God bless you in all you do for His kingdom!

What Should I do?

1. Pray for them.

2. Strike up a friendship; show genuine interest in their culture.

3. If they are Muslims, ask about their faith.

4. If they are refugees, ask how you can practically help.

5. Feed them! Iranians are a warm, hospitable people, and much of our connection happens over food! Invite them for a meal.

6. When the time comes, and they need Christian resources in their own language, you can use the tools listed above.