Transform Iran equips women to lead: Mission Network News

by Katey Hearth

Iran (MNN) — In Iran, women are stepping into leadership roles in the Church.

“The women are so incredibly fruitful because they’re pastoral by nature,” Transform Iran’s Lana Silk says.

There are many disputes within United States Christian communities about the role of women as pastors. “I do find it interesting, as an Iranian Christian, hearing the debates in the West on what women can and can’t do or shouldn’t do,” Silk says.

When you’re in the context of a Persecuted Church, no one’s discussing those kinds of questions.

In Iran, “50 percent of the Church are women, so we don’t want to incapacitate half of the Body [of Christ]” by imposing restrictions, Silk continues.

Transform Iran spent several weeks training Iranian Christian women this summer at a secure Middle East location. The training topics varied by individual need, but every session equipped believers to do more for the Lord in their context.

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“There is a lot of material they can access in their own time, whether it is through the Cheshme app or other media channels where they can go to Bible college or do apologetics training,” Silk says.

“A lot can be done remotely. But sometimes it is important to bring them to a place where they can be strengthened and refreshed in person.”

Pray for wisdom as these women return home and apply what they’ve learned. Pray for strength to resist Satan’s attacks and temptations.

“We must be wise to the methods of the enemy. He will use whatever tactics he can to convince us that we are unqualified for the work of God,” Silk says.

“The reality is that we are unqualified, but Jesus is the one who does the work through us.”

Originally posted on: Mission Network News.

Published on
30 August 2023
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