Media helps truth-seekers access the Gospel in Iran: Mission Network News

by Katey Hearth

Iran (MNN) — Christians in Iran faced mounting pressure this summer. Over 50 believers were arrested in July when the morality police came back. The charges against these believers were not specified.

Despite persecution, truth-seekers prevail. Transform Iran’s Lana Silk says, “Media offers a whole lot of safety for people. Whether they want to stay anonymous or they’re being watched, there is an easier way – through media – for them to access the material we have available.”

Transform Iran uses a full range of media to bring the hope of Christ to Iran: TV, radio, social media, and more. More about that here.

“Our media is designed to be interactive. We encourage people to call into the TV programs; people can interact with us through social media,” Silk says.

“Our follow-up team is there because we’re after disciples and people who can really make a radical change to the country of Iran.”

Strategic partnerships make it all possible.

For example, “Our friends at [Heart4Iran] and TWR already have the infrastructure in place to broadcast satellite TV or radio. We (Transform Iran) can bring content, provide follow-up, and together we can accomplish more for God’s glory,” Silk says.

The kingdom of God is a team event. We all can work together to get the Great Commission accomplished.

You can partner in this work, too. Team up with Transform Iran here.

Originally posted on: Mission Network News.

Published on
17 August 2023
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