Transform Iran Statement on the Anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s Death and the Protest Movement in Iran

GLENDALE, CA., Sept., 12, 2023 Lana Silk, CEO (USA) of Transform Iran, a faith-based nonprofit organization meeting the spiritual and physical needs of Iranians, issued the following statement on the upcoming Sept. 16 anniversary of the death of the 22-year-old Iranian women, Mahsa Amini, and national protests:

“One year ago today, the world watched in horror as Mahsa Amini was killed after being arrested for improper hijab, leading to widespread national protests that cost more than 500 young Iranians their lives. Today, we must make sure their deaths were not in vain.

We stand in solidarity with the women, men and children of Iran. We actively pray and work towards the day when each person can choose their own path. One of God’s greatest gifts to us was the gift of choice.

The people of Iran — namely the women at this crucial moment — are relentlessly fighting for the right to have that choice. They are unwavering in their cry. As the government’s grip on the women is tightening in attempts to stifle out their voices, we must step in and be that voice for them. They are literally being tortured and killed every day for a year now — all for this fight. And they are not stopping. As they fight to be heard, will we be that voice for them? We, as free people, must amplify their message so the whole world can hear.

We (through Persian Community Church) are also hosting seven hours of focused International Prayer and Fasting on September 16. Farsi speakers can join us via We must ensure we cover Iran at this crucial time, through the prayers of the righteous.”

Transform Iran leads hundreds of active churches across Iran, and provides trauma counseling, support to the bereaved, resources such as food and clothing, medical and legal support, advocacy and a wide range of humanitarian aid to the hurting people of Iran and Iranian refugees in surrounding countries. To learn more about their meaningful work, visit

About Transform Iran

For more than 30 years, Transform Iran has served on the front lines of the Iranian Diaspora, sharing the love of Christ, training leaders and providing aid to the persecuted. God has given Transform Iran a unique position in the Middle East to meet the spiritual needs of many Iranians. In addition to spiritual support, Transform Iran provides humanitarian relief, including emergency food and shelter, medical care and legal help for asylum, among other forms of practical aid to Iranians who have been forced to leave their country. For more information, visit

Published on
12 September 2023
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