From Darkness to Light: A Young Muslim Eulogist’s Story

My name is Sina. I am 17 years old.

I used to be an Islamic eulogist – then Christ touched my heart.

As an Islamic eulogist, it was my job to sing and perform Islamic praises (eulogies) for the months of Muharram, for Muslim martyrdoms, and for Islamic ceremonies and events. I was very devout in my faith. These eulogies are often very depressive. They are designed to be sad and emotive. And I was paid very well to sing them. In fact, I would earn 20 million tomans for only three days of eulogizing in the Muharram ceremonies. This is a large amount of money in Iran, especially in this bad economic situation. It is a great tragedy that in Islam, huge sums of money are given to eulogists to make people sad and play with people’s emotions.

And for me personally, I can now see that the curse of lies and eulogies had taken over my life.

A few months ago, around March 2022, one of my relatives invited me to the Christian educational meetings of Pastor Abila Yohanna Maro (via remote connection). My relative was a student of his. I decided to take part and there I began to hear the message of the gospel.

In the short time that I was acquainted with Christianity, I became filled with love for God. It was so powerful! This was something that I had never experienced before. Not even for a second!

Soon after this, I gave my life to Lord Jesus. Today, I feel happy and peaceful – a joy and peace I never had before. This is the power of God’s work in me.

Ever since I became a believer, I have had deep remorse for the life I led before my salvation. I recognize that I gave wings to the lies of Islam and caused people’s hearts to darken. Now that I am in the light, I intend to use my gifts for the opposite effect! To bring light to dark places.

I am currently participating in the “growth in faith” online meetings with my dear brother Pastor Abila at 222 Apeldoorn Church.

I gave this testimony so that the Iranian people would understand the truth and realize the great tragedies that Islam causes.

… and that they will find the light of Jesus in their lives.

Published on
20 August 2022
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