“Iran is a land of opportunity for the Gospel”: Mission Network News

by Katey Hearth

Iran (MNN) — History, current events, and the decisions of those in power create one general impression about Iran.

“We consider Iran closed and impossible, perhaps hopeless. And yet, when we see what God is actually doing, our understanding changes,” Transform Iran’s Lana Silk says.

Iran is a land of opportunity for the Gospel because millions upon millions of Iranians are disillusioned with Islam.

In order to know the God of the Bible, Iranians need access to Scripture in their heart language and Christians who understand their context. Only four of Iran’s 39 languages have the full Bible. More about that here.

“Some of these languages will have fragments; they might have, say, The JESUS Film, or tools like that. But by and large, the Church is not established in these communities, and the Gospel has not penetrated through,” Silk says.

“Up to 30 million people in Iran do not have the Bible in their language.”

Through a partnership with unfoldingWord, Strategic Resource Group, and others, Transform Iran is advancing Bible translations in several minority languages. Believers completed a Gilaki New Testament last year.

“There are 3 million Gilakis in Gilan, with no established churches in that region and no church growth,” Silk says.

“We’re very excited to come in with the New Testament and help establish churches in this region and this language.”

It is crucial to translate the Bible into minority languages such as Gilaki for several reasons.

“The language currently used to communicate the Gospel is the language of the authorities (Farsi). That’s the same language used to control and oppress these people groups, so you’re creating walls in their hearts,” Silk says.

“It’s really important when we communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ, we do it in their heart language.”

Support Bible translation in Iran here through Transform Iran.

You can also “go on social media, follow us, share, like – all the things that will increase connection for others to find out what God is doing in Iran,” Silk requests.

Originally posted on: Mission Network News.

Published on
8 January 2024
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