Iran takes anti-Israeli sentiments out on Christians: Mission Network News

by Lyndsey Koh

Iran (MNN) — The Iranian government was quick to condemn a hospital bombing in Gaza Wednesday, accusing Israel of the deadly explosion. Various agencies say somewhere between 400 and 1,000 people were killed.

The Israeli government reports the hospital bombing was from a misfired rocket in Gaza. American President Joe Biden says US intelligence also shows Israel did not fire the rocket.

Nevertheless, Iran’s foreign minister tweeted “time is OVER” for Israel.

Lana Silk with Transform Iran says Israelis are not the only ones paying the price for Hamas and other terrorist activities – the everyday Palestinian people are also paying.

“You have two million-plus Gaza inhabitants. The regular people didn’t start this fight. The regular people aren’t going to get to finish this fight. But they will pay for it because they have all this damage now physically and to their lives happening, and their authorities don’t care.”

Iran supports Hamas with funds, weapons, and training, according to the US State Department.

Within Iran, anti-Israeli sentiment is often also taken out on Iranian Christians.

Silk says:

The government considers Christians as people who side with what they call Zionist Israel, and the Christians pay a high price for how the government feels about Israel.

Iran considers both Christianity and Israel as agents of Western influence in the Middle East.

“The Iranians have made it no secret that they want to obliterate Israel. For four decades, they’ve been sowing all these seeds of bitterness and conflict all across the Middle East, from Yemen to Iraq to Hamas and Hezbollah, and they’re taking every opportunity they can to bring Israel down.

The Christians are [targeted with] that same venom and that same strength of feeling. In fact, an Ayatollah recently said that the Christians also need to be obliterated.

There are 1.2 million Christians in Iran. If their faith affiliation is discovered, they are often banned from education and jobs. Iranian Christians face heavy monitoring, harassment, and even imprisonment for “crimes against national security.” Christians from Muslim backgrounds are particularly targeted.

Pray for God’s protection over the Church in Iran as well as innocent Palestinians and Israelis impacted by the conflict. Ask the Lord to open people’s eyes across the Middle East to peace in Jesus Christ!

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Originally posted on: Mission Network News.

Published on
20 October 2023
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