Transform Iran

Bringing the love and power of Christ to Iran – and beyond


Iran is one of the world’s most hostile countries to the gospel – yet the church grows rapidly. Transform Iran reaches the lost, disciples converts and develops nation-transforming leaders.

Click here for our response to the death of Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi.

About Us

The Future of Iran!

The children of Iran are being raised with violence and propaganda all around them. They face difficult economic circumstances; an uncertain future; a lack of freedom and opportunity.

How will children today find their way to light in the darkness that surrounds them? We are raising support for a series of TV programs targeted specifically to children aged 5-12. Please consider sponsoring the creation of a puppet ($350) or production of an episode ($900). Designate your gift: Evangelism Among Muslims.


Transform Iran is the new name for 222 Ministries.

Mostly indigenous Iranian believers, our team has more than 30 years’ experience in church planting, discipleship, leadership development, business, project management, and strategic thinking.  

We are driven by passion for God and the people of Iran. We innovate, pioneer, and pave the way for others. 

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Funds go directly to ensuring the gospel is preached, converts are rooted in the Word, and leaders are raised that will bring the transforming love of Christ to Iran – and beyond.