Quran Teacher Becomes Christian and Leads Others to Christ

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find. Luke 11:9

Muslim Teacher Of Quran Has Questions About Jesus Christ

My name is Mohammad (name changed) and I want to tell you how my life was changed by Jesus Christ.

“I come from a very religious family in the West of Iran. Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers were Muslim clerics. I also held important Islamic status as a school principal and teacher of the Quran. But I knew there must be more.

I had been researching Christianity for two years and had many questions. I found it difficult to logically and rationally accept that God would limit Himself by becoming human to save us.

In September 2023 my questions led me to Transform Iran’s digital church: Persian Community Church. Here, I was introduced to a Christian brother who I later found out was part of the followup discipleship team.”

Digital Church Provides Answers For Muslim Seeker

“I brought my questions to him and he answered them thoughtfully; for example, I wanted to understand the concept of the Trinity. After sharing my struggles with the counselor, I took more time to investigate the claims of Christianity. I sensed the outcome was inevitable but I wanted to be sure. I even cleared a room in my house so that I would be able to use it as a church once I finally embraced Christianity.

In my second meeting with the counselor, I gave my heart to Christ and believed.

Now as a new believer, I faced numerous challenges. I asked the counselor for help. I needed freedom from the consequences of many sinful decisions as well as habits that had been ingrained in me. The counselor referred me to someone who could give me more in depth help and I ended up having three healing and deliverance sessions with a Transform Iran pastor. I was so grateful! I could sense the chains breaking and freedom taking hold.”

Muslim Convert Sees Marriage Restored

“One of the many areas that has seen a miraculous touch is my own marriage. Before Christ, I hated my wife. The pastor helped me see her and love her as Christ would and he encouraged me to forgive her. I was unwilling at first but with his encouragement, I was able to release the debt I felt she owed me.

Now my relationship with my wife is unrecognizable to what it was a few months ago. I am praying every day for her salvation. I feel a growing love in me for her. I know by God’s grace I am treating her better.

I used to lead prayers at the mosque and I would even write Muslim prayers for others to pray. After my decision to follow Christ, I have stopped all this, praying only to the One True God who hears me and answers my prayers. I have thrown my Islamic prayer book into the river to destroy it.

These changes have been noticed by those close to me. They want to understand what has led to my obvious transformation. They tell me even my demeanor is radiant these days!”

Muslim Converts Leads Others To Christ

“So far, I have introduced three people to the message of the gospel. Two have already believed in Christ. The third is a cleric’s son who has yet to overcome his fear but I know he will. I am praying for him every day and my Transform Iran counselor is praying for him too.

On January 23, 2024, I introduced Ali (name changed) to Persian Community Church. I knew he needed Jesus, just like I did. Ali had studied for six years in an Islamic seminary, where he also taught, but disagreed with many of the teachings and often faced problems due to his questions. He had done some research on Christianity and was very eager to know more about Christ.

In his second follow-up/discipleship session with Transform Iran, Ali also gave his heart to Christ. The pastor said, “We prayed the confession of faith together, and he joined the divine family.”

Ali’s father had been a high-ranking cleric. Like his late father (and me before my conversion), Ali would write Islamic prayers for others to pray. Once he had written prayers for a woman whose relationship with her husband was troubled. After converting to Christianity, when the woman came back asking for another prayer, Ali, feeling a change within himself, told her he would no longer write prayers for her but would instead pray for her. The woman was surprised and left. A few days later, she called to thank him, saying that this time, her husband’s behavior had significantly improved, more so than when he wrote prayers for her. Ali never wrote prayers for anyone again and threw his prayer book into the river to destroy it – just like I had done previously!

Since coming to faith in Christ, Ali has stopped performing Islamic prayers and participating in rituals. He is very happy, his relationship with his children has improved, and he feels that God loves him deeply and works wonders in his life. He shares the teachings he receives with his loved ones.

Before contact with Transform Iran, my head was full of questions. I was isolated in my search. Now I have found the answers I was looking for and more than that, I have found a Christian community (through PCC digital church) that encourages me, teaches me, and prays for me.

I am eternally grateful for this new birth and the new life I am living today. I will tell all who listen the good news of what Christ has done for me.”

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