There is a supernatural grace on Iran – like never before. The people are hungry for the Truth and open to the gospel. But the gospel must be shared, for “how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” Romans 10:14 

Transform Iran preaches the gospel to Iranians through a full range of media and in person. Our trained follow-up team is ready to engage 1:1 with seekers.  

We pioneer initiatives that will ensure every people group in Iran, regardless of social standing, education or ethnicity, has the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their own ‘heart’ language and be transformed by the love of Christ. These initiatives include: 

  • Bible Translation. Some 26 million Iranians do not have the Word of God in their own ‘heart’ language. Transform Iran is busy addressing this Bible poverty so that evangelism to Iran’s ethnic groups can be more effective and churches can be planted that will last and grow. You can read more about our Bible translation work here
  • Media. We broadcast live and pre-recorded gospel presentations through satellite TV, radio and social media. Millions have heard the gospel through our media ministries
  • Apologetics. ‘Porpasokh’ means ‘Question & Answer’ and that is the heart of our apologetics center. Transform Iran’s Porpasokh site draws tens of thousands of visitors each month and engages directly with the questions of seekers. Answers are published on the site for others to benefit. To date more than 5,400 questions have been answered on the site and many have come to salvation as a result. Read more here.
  • Victims of Trauma, Abuse and Addiction. For the millions in Iran who find themselves dealing with past and ongoing trauma, abuse and addiction, there is a particularly deep sense of unworthiness and hopelessness. Transform Iran’s Pearl of Persia ministry works specifically with these people in mind, creating bespoke evangelism that speak of hope, healing and identity. 
  • Outreach in Iran. Believers in Iran are passionate to see others know the life-changing power of Christ in their lives and actively share with others. We support remotely through training, the provision of Bibles, and discipleship programs for those who have come to faith. 
  • Outreach via Turkey. Transform Iran runs targeted outreach events each year in Turkey – the most popular tourist destination for Iranians. Each year more than 2 million Iranians visit Turkey. Iranians also travel to Turkey regularly for business and buy thousands of properties each year. Our trained evangelists travel to areas popular with Iranians and share the gospel with them. Many have been saved in this way and returned to Iran where they have planted house churches. Our follow up team then support these churches remotely (see Discipleship).

I was out as part of an outreach team in the city of Istanbul. We were looking for Iranian tourists. We met a family and we shared the good news with them. We also gave them gifts that would give them free access to the Bible and other Christian resources online. The father told me that he believed in Jesus and wanted to become a Christian but didn’t know where to start or what to do. This was the last day of their trip to Istanbul – they were going back to Iran that same afternoon. His wife was also increasingly joyful as she heard us share. She was eager to give her heart to Jesus Christ which she did right there, and she became a believer. Her husband watched her commit her life to Jesus and he confessed his love for Jesus too, repented of his sin and gave his heart to Jesus. They were so happy because of this moment! They wanted to take us out for ice cream to celebrate! They are now back in Iran and I am in touch with the wife and helping her grow in her faith.

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