Pearl of Persia

Pearl of Persia exists to reach the broken in Iran with the love and power of the gospel. To see the 5 million prostitutes, victims of sexual sin, and drug addicts in Iran saved, healed, restored, and transformed. 

Iran is facing largescale revival and church advance. However, even after 30-40 years of such growth, the Church is still incapable of skilled, appropriate response and help for the millions of drug addicts, prostitutes and victims of sexual abuse, living in hopeless circumstances. We need a better equipped, better prepared Church. If we want to see Iran transformed with the love and power of the gospel, we cannot sideline this section of society. This includes the lost who will turn to the loving saving power of Jesus as a means out of their hopeless situation, and the saved, who still need counseling and help in order to be truly healed and freed from the trauma of their past. 

The need is great. There are no reliable statistics on the numbers affected, but the various studies done paint a devastating picture of a broken people – see here.

Pear of Persia is a ministry of healing and hope for victims of trauma, sexual and substance abuse and addiction. It is time for the Church to show a better way, to restore Iran’s youth, and redeem the integrity of the family unit in Iran. We share the good news in a way that will speak directly to this sector of society, we offer specialist counseling, and support in practical ways. 

How can I tell my story in a few words? I experienced horrific abuse through my childhood. As a result of that, I ended up in relationships with many men (including sighe). I was caught up in a cycle of stealing, lying and more. One day I was searching TV channels and I found Pearl of Persia’s programs. I called and spoke to a counselor. She explained many things to me. I gave my life to Jesus, received 1:1 counselling from the Pearl of Persia counselor and I found my freedom again. With encouragement from my counselor, I learnt about skincare and jewelry making and started my own business. I could not contain the joy of what Jesus had done for me. I started witnessing to those around me. By this point I had grown a successful business and started helping others. The government saw this and arrested me. They jailed me for my evangelism and took my business away. After my release, I fled to Turkey. This was 4 years ago. I am now in Istanbul. Transform Iran has stood by my side through all these years. They have helped me with housing and I am receiving counseling and healing for the trauma of all the years before. I would love to work full time for Pearl of Persia and help others like me, mentoring women in setting up their own businesses.

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Funds go directly to ensuring the gospel is preached, converts are rooted in the Word, and leaders are raised that will bring the transforming love of Christ to Iran – and beyond.