Church Planting

The vision is to plant, nurture, and grow thriving, reproducing churches, in every town and city across Iran, in the heart languages of all the people groups of Iran. So the message of the gospel is clearly understood and received by all Iranians, and the fellowship of the saints is accessible to all. 

Transform Iran plants churches that are rooted in the Word of God, strengthened, resourced, equipped, and actively engaged in nation-transforming mission. 

Our family of churches spans 18 countries, including hundreds of churches across more than 50 cities in Iran. 

Churches in the Diaspora are actively involved in the mission to reach Iran, by volunteering and working for the various projects and initiatives run by Transform Iran. 

Churches in Iran are also actively involved in mission, despite the risks they face. The heart for the lost outweighs any fear of danger. 

I was a Mullah, giving religion lessons. Two years ago, I found out I had breast cancer, I was connected to one of the pastors who introduced me to Jesus and despite my sickness a ray of hope was lit in my heart that I would be healed. During my treatment the church helped me a lot with teachings, prayer and also with emotional and financial help. Today I’m completely healed and with the help of the ministry I’m following a university course to become a teacher and introduce the younger generation to Jesus. In the last two years that I have known God I realized that He is my provider and a great and loving God, I’ve felt his presence every day in my life, even though I was a Muslim cleric I never had this feeling of God’s presence that I have now. My Lord Jesus Christ guides and teaches me and gave me a new Life, and now I’m very happy to have Him in my life, I feel His presence every day and everywhere and I’m so glad that He chose me to know the true God.

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Funds go directly to ensuring the gospel is preached, converts are rooted in the Word, and leaders are raised that will bring the transforming love of Christ to Iran – and beyond.