Refugees & The Persecuted Church

Love is practical. When Jesus preached about the kingdom of heaven, he also fed and healed the people. The New Testament is full of examples of the body looking after those in need, particularly within the family of God. Transform Iran supports Christian refugees in the Middle East and persecuted Christians in Iran through practical and pastoral means. 

Planting and overseeing hundreds of churches in a country facing such significant persecution is a serious responsibility. We protect the physical lives of the Christians in Iran by providing a carefully managed secure network of churches based on decades of experience in the underground Church movement. Our communications are considered, and the network carefully guarded. We give training and advice on security protocols and are in constant prayer covering the believers serving in Iran. 

When things go wrong, we advocate for the imprisoned and help those whose lives are in danger to escape. We then provide for their immediate needs and reestablish them in places of safety outside Iran. Almost without exception, these believers are still envisioned for the people of Iran. They escape with heavy hearts unsure how they will ever be able to impact this great nation again. Once settled, we are able to give them new opportunities to serve through one of our network of ministries from outside Iran. This is a huge source of strength and encouragement to these otherwise defeated believers. As refugees, they have many new hurdles to face, particularly in relation to legal papers, registrations, employment rights, access to education and applications for acceptance to a country in the West. Our team is able to help with all this. 

Transform Iran also helps these refugees with basic survival from clothing, food and medical aid to fuel to heat their homes in the winter. Many have escaped with only a small case (if even that!). We also help them find work where possible (restrictive options for refugees). Where we have the funding opportunity, we employ as many as we can ourselves – we certainly have much that needs doing across the ministry. Any training that is needed (IT, web design, TV production…) is provided by our own team. 

The refugee crisis in the Middle East is real. Inflation is at staggering heights (Turkey’s annual inflation exceeding 80% in 2022 -Reuters) and opportunities for refugees are scarce. Transform Iran is committed to standing with our brothers and sisters who have already sacrificed so much. 

There’s no other way to say it. You saved my life.

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